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Visit my website: to view my designs, illustrations, hand embroideries and details on how to buy certain items, as well as new things I have been doing!

There are also details on how to buy my children’s book: ‘Millie’s Manic Monday’! Available as an e-book and a paper back ūüôā A new one will be coming soon….. eventually….!  (paper back) (e-book, 99p)


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For anyone who would like to buy some of my designs on products for a gift or for themselves, feel free to check out this link! Christmas is approaching very soon!

You can customise your products with no extra cost and use the code: SANTAZCOMING for 20% off up until 16th November ūüôā

Millie’s Manic Monday available to buy a hard copy!

My children’s book ‘Millie’s Manic Monday’ is now available as a paperback to buy!

Follow this link if you’d like to check it out!…/milli…/paperback/product-22341043.html

It’s ¬£12.99 which includes ¬£2.99 delivery and NO tax. Really nice quality. 20 pages, detailed illustrations, fun, exciting, educational, colourful. Previews of pages are on my website:


Alternatively, if you’d rather have an e-book version, it is available for Kindle and Kindle apps on your phone for 99p.

Shop some of my designs on VIDA check out this link for some of my designs on VIDA available to pre-order!

My website

If you like my¬†work, possibly interested in buying something and enjoy looking through people’s online portfolios, check out my website:

Designs, drawings, embroideries and my children’s book. Contact me through it if you want to ask me any questions or are interested in buying anything!

Buy my children’s book: ‘Millie’s Manic Monday’

‘Millie’s Manic Monday’ is a children’s book suitable for children aged under 10.

‘Millie is a young fox who is in for a packed day this Monday! From swimming class, to ballet class and a picnic with some friends, Millie then has to find her way home in the dark. Luckily for this scared little fox, there may be some helpers to guide her way.’

Follow the link to buy and download a digital copy of ‘Millie’s Manic Monday’ on Amazon for ¬£1.99:

front cover V


Final Presentation Analysis

For my presentation just like my reflective evaluation, I made sure I analysed and critiqued myself throughout and I believe that part went well for me. I kept myself together and calm which is very hard for me as I have not got a lot of confidence, but I tried my best. I dressed and spoke as professionally as I could to give off a good impression. During the q & a part I felt very intimidated and I was worried that a lot of what I was saying was getting out of context and I was too nervous to even realise at the time and now it seems like a blur. I do not think this part went well and I was extremely upset after. I tried my best as I always do, but now I feel it could affect my mark and that my project has not been well delivered. I have only received good feedback from course mates, friends and family, however, after this presentation I felt so deflated about the project. I worked tirelessly for months to create an innovative, creative and exciting collection with mounds of back up work, pouring all my energy, passion and skills I had into it, and presenting myself as a designer.

I created my project with the idea in mind that it was for my own company, rather than for a certain shop or market place. This is because I want my own business and I did not feel my original idea fitted anywhere in particular right now. I have always wanted to work for myself, creating products and books for the children’s market, and hand embroideries to sell also. I will never give up these ambitions as handcraft and writing stories is what I am passionate about. As I had mentioned in my previous project, I believe my final year would have gone better and I would have gained better feedback if I stuck to drawing pretty flowers and just manipulating them on Photoshop for the women’s market. However, I do not believe there is a gap in the market and I always intend to create something original.¬†I made sure this final year was about me and showing my favourite techniques and who I am in this industry. I feel that I have done that, so whatever the outcome I will keep telling myself to be proud of what I have accomplished and keep believing in myself that I can achieve what I have always wanted to.